COVID-19 in the Arctic Assessment Report

This project will provide a timely and comprehensive synthesis of issues and themes related to COVID-19 in the Arctic through the production of a report detailing:

  • its impacts on the region,

  • lessons learned from pandemic management,

  • sharing of experiences and best practices from across the Arctic and transferable jurisdictions, and

  • research and recommendations that could inform future pandemic management in the region.

It will detail the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in the Arctic, with a particular emphasis on its various health, social, cultural and economic experiences and impacts. Particular attention will be paid to how these impacts were experienced by communities across the Arctic.

The report will be organized into 5-6 thematic chapters that will synthesize relevant research and, as appropriate will recommend future research priorities and provide policy advice for pandemic planning and management in the Arctic. The themes addressed in the report will be informed by the COVID-19 in the Arctic: A Briefing Document for Senior Arctic Officials, the advice of AHHEG and SECEG, and the availability of relevant research and expertise. Each chapter will detail how issues relating to that theme connect with the health, economic, cultural and social impacts of the pandemic. Given the intersectional nature of the impacts of COVID-19 in the Arctic, some overlap between the chapters is anticipated.

By exploring these themes, the report will provide a nuanced analysis of the impacts of the pandemic and inform recovery and emergency preparedness and management processes. The completed report will also support policy makers by identifying gaps in current research and policy, and inform priority setting in the development of new research and policy. It will also serve as a tool for assessing and monitoring the impacts of any new policies. The final report will provide concrete policy recommendations, following up on Part III of the COVID-19 in the Arctic: A Briefing Document for Senior Arctic Officials, Core Themes and Guidance for the Arctic Council. This will include policy relevant conclusions from lead authors in each chapter and a separate Summary for Policy Makers document which will provide an overview of the broader policy implications of the report as a whole.

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Russian Federation, Iceland, GCI

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