This project will contribute to supporting public health systems and public services in implementing a quick response to current and future biological threats related to the uncontrolled spread of highly virulent pathogens, parasites, biotoxins, and other biohazards across the Arctic. This project is being managed in collaboration with the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program.

Main activities:

  1. Bring together relevant experts from AMAP, CAFF, SDWG, and PPs to finalize specific tasks, deliverables, and timeframes for the project implementation.
  2. Prepare a case study-based peer-reviewed report integrated with Indigenous knowledge related to specific biohazards in the Arctic that may pose risks to life and human health. (White Paper)
  3. Prepare recommendations on a community-based screening, monitoring, and information system for infectious disease control, prevention, and risk communication.
Project details
Completion date
Russian Federation, Finland

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